Catering Services

Special Event Management

From casual backyard BBQ's to formal weddings, we help you get them right.


Personal Chef Services

We can provide daily personal chef services for your home.


Culinary School Prep Classes

Are you getting ready for culinary school? Let our Master Chefs help you brush up your skills.

Private Planes or Yachts

We can provide meals to your plane or yacht on a moment's notice, providing the best food possible withing the guidelines of your clients needs.


Cooking Classes

Whether it's for fun or a change of life, let us teach you how to cook healthy cuisine at your home or place of business.





We invite you to use our combined years of experience in restaurant operations to assist you with your new or existing opportunities.

Site Selection

(for new business concepts)


  • We do intense market research for the area you would like to be in, to make sure that your concept and location are going to work.
  • We provide you with and walk through a 300 point checklist of either buying an existing business that is in operations or one that is closed.
  • Thorough inspection of the unit/s you are looking at, including the equipment that might be existing, along with the A/C, building codes, electrical and HVAC required by law.
  • We ensure you have proper parking for your location and concept.
  • Once your desired location is determined, we can assist you to negotiate your lease to obtain the best rate, terms and conditions.
  • We can provide you with a list of resources, from GC's to installers, to help ease the process of hiring and trusting people to help you open your new location.
  • We will help you develop your concept and cost out your product: with our relationships we will make sure that you are making a real profit from your business.
  • We will help you write ad's for potential hires to help you in the process of hiring a full staff to run your business.
  • We help you market your concept to the public, ensuring that you are reaching your target market/demographic with your concept. We'll help you get out out to the market initially by way of "Grand Openings" etc.
  • We can provide you with POS support and help you decide which program to choose. We have relationships with several providers and can assist you in getting the best price while developing the best possible scenario to make your concept work properly.
  • We can provide daily accounting tools, and train you on their use, manage your business properly and track every penny coming in and going out. We can provide you with references for payroll and bookkeeping services that can help. Are you keeping track and managing your inventory daily, weekly, monthly?



Current Business Owners

(for Operating businesses)


  • We can provide monthly checkups if you need.
  • We can assist you with menu analysis. Is your menu to big? Is it properly priced? Does it fit your location? Does it portray your concept name? Is the food you are producing good? Does it inspire revisits and word-of-mouth advertising?


There are a lot more questions about managing a restaurant and we can help you find the answers. Some examples are:

  • Are you marketing properly? Are you hitting your target demographic/market area? Are you using the right relationships for the best pricing? Are you under/improperly staffed? Is your kitchen/restaurant ready for the health department inspection? High health inspection grades are an asset!



Whether you are starting up a new restaurant or trying to save a current business, let us help guide you to the "Profit Zone."

‚ÄúThere is a real need for educational consulting services in our business.  There are a lot of restaurants out there that are mis-informed that it's easy to own and operate one.  We have a passion to teach and re-direct. At En-flux we provide the best catering and consulting services around. We will make your business or event successful"

-Troy Sheller


Phone: 954-818-4549