About Our Chefs

Troy Sheller

Director of Operations

En-Flux was developed by Director of Operations Troy Sheller. Highly experienced in restaurant operations and management, Troy most recently served as a Chef at the Northlake Campus of Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens. Troy brings a fire and passion for good food into every new day. Recognizing the need for creative and exciting dining experiences, he puts his knowledge and vision into action, striving to provide memorable dishes that will keep people coming back for more.


His love for innovative creations is reflected in his sample menus. "There is a real need in our community for out-of-the-box created dishes. Gone are the days of bland pasta, stuffed mushrooms, and iceberg salads. Now is the time for Beef Cheek Roulade, Caparese skewers with chocolate balsamic glaze, and crabmeat cheesecake.


By God's grace, Troy's fire has never burned brighter.

Annie Robertson

Executive Chef

Partnering alongside Troy in this endeavor is Executive Chef Annie Robertson, a native of Dallas, Texas. Her background in culinary circles is exceptional and unrivaled, having taught at many culinary schools, most notably the Kendall Culinary School in Chicago. She holds a masters degree in culinary arts, and possesses a delectable talent for the art of smokehouse cuisine. Currently, she heads up the Food and Beverage department for the Christ Fellowship Church life missions outreach in Belle Glade.


"The two of us have very similar stories, and the amazing way that God has brought us together, can only be HIM. We have decided to not just stand and talk but to go and do. Leaning in and listening for Jesus will always be our driving force, and neither of us would have it any other way. Our goal is to serve our clients with the highest quality and creative dining experience that delights both the eye and the palate."

We are here to meet our community's growing demand for creative cuisine that satisfies the sophisticated palate.

"We are able to plan and accomplish whatever you envision. Let us help you with your site selection, planning and staffing. We can customize any menu to any budget and to any needs you might have."

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